Cracker (term)

A cracker is a person who performs cracking, or the method of breaking into a pc or a community system. A cracker could be performing cracking for malicious actions, revenue, for sure nonprofit intentions or causes, or simply for a problem. Some crackers break right into a community system intentionally to level out the issues concerned in that community's safety system.

A cracker shouldn't be a slave proprietor or overseer cracking a whip. "Cracker" predates the plantation period; and it refers to somebody who would have been too poor to personal slaves. It's a farmers who raised solely cracked merchandise, equivalent to wheat and corn. "Cracker" was a derogatory time period utilized to those poor farmers from earlier than the American Revolution.

A cracker is one who breaks into or in any other case violates the system integrity of distant machines with malicious intent. Having gained unauthorized entry, crackers destroy important information, deny respectable customers service, or trigger issues for his or her targets. Crackers can simply be recognized as a result of their actions are malicious.

“These funky crackers are literally sprouted complete grain crisps and comprise an excellent quantity of fiber and protein, and so they have 11 grams of complete grains,” Sasso says. 5 Finest Different Grain Cracker

Definition of crackers. : loopy. Synonyms & Antonyms Instance Sentences Study Extra about crackers. Maintain scrolling for extra.

What's Cracker. A cracker is an individual who violates the system integrity of distant machines with malicious intent. He will get unauthorized entry to system sources and information. Crackers additionally destroy important info of the group. He denies respectable customers service and causes issues for the targets.

cracker noun (GOOD THING) [ S ] UK casual an individual or factor that is superb or has a particular thrilling high quality: She's written 5 books, and each one is a cracker.

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n. 1. (Video games, apart from specified) a adorned cardboard tube that emits a bang when pulled aside, releasing a toy, a joke, or a paper hat. 2. brief for firecracker. 3. (Cookery) a skinny crisp biscuit, often unsweetened. 4. an individual or factor that cracks.

adjective of or suggesting the easy rustic informality and directness considered attribute of life in and round a rustic retailer: homespun, cracker-barrel philosophy.

inoffensive, but unsettling. Racial slurs in opposition to being white simply do not appear to section anybody.

Cracker definition: A cracker is a skinny, crisp biscuit which is usually eaten with cheese . | That means, pronunciation, translations and examples

Crackers are a lot more healthy than they was, however is the style as much as snuff? Client Experiences evaluations in style manufacturers and divulges the healthiest crackers, simply in time for get together season.

Cracker meal is packaged, crushed crackers used for topping casseroles and baked greens, or for breading meats or fish.. Make Your Personal Cracker Meal . You may make your individual by placing saltine crackers in a heavy plastic bag and rolling them with a rolling pin OR place crackers in a meals processor and pulse-process till the specified texture is achieved.

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