51 Unique Kombucha Flavors and Recipes

51 Unique Kombucha Flavors and Recipes

To flavor your Kombucha drink quickly after its done (not using a secondary ferment): Simply squeeze in a fresh slice of orange, lemon or lime and drink! If you want it sweeter add in honey, agave, sugar, or stevia to taste. Or take 1/4 cup fruit juice of desired flavor, and 3/4 cup kombucha, stir and drink.

Strawberry-Lemon: pureed strawberries + lemon juice and zest. Watermelon-Lime: watermelon juice + lime juice and zest. “Mint Julep:” lime juice and zest + sugar + mint. Pear-Rose: pear juice + rosewater. Use the rosewater sparingly, it can be overpowering. Apple-Raspberry: apple juice + pureed raspberries.

How do I make kombucha?

To make kombucha Bring water to a boil. In a clean, 4-cup wide-mouth glass jar, combine tea and hot water and let steep at least 5 minutes. Begin first fermentation: Pour kombucha into the sweet tea mixture and stir to combine. Using clean hands, add in SCOBY. After 3 to 4 days, begin tasting your kombucha.

How long to make kombucha?

A. Kombucha can be brewed from 7 to 30 days, depending on personal preference. A longer brewing time results in less sugar and a more vinegary-flavored beverage. Keep in mind that temperature will play a role in how quickly the kombucha cultures.

What is Kombucha drink ingredients?

The basic ingredients in kombucha are yeast, sugar, and black tea. The mix is set aside for a week or more. During that time, bacteria and acids form in the drink, as well as a small amount of alcohol.

What is ginger kombucha?

Description. High Country Ginger Kombucha is the perfect ally against a stubborn cough, cold or uneasy stomach. Ginger has been used historically for supporting respiratory and stomach health. Ginger combined with the potent qualities of Kombucha enhances your digestion and creates a delicious tonic.

How to Flavor Kombucha (19 Best Kombucha Flavors!)

How to mix holiday kombucha flavors - Cranberry Collins, Pumpkin Spice, Ginger Spice, Toffee Apple, Toffee Almond, Apple Cinnamon, Cinnamon spice, more

Flavor Ideas. Add a few pieces of fresh or frozen fruit. Add any fruit you like: blueberries, blackberries, mangoes, pineapple, peaches, pears, apples, etc. You can add dried fruit as well, but fresh fruit gives a stronger flavor. Add a chunk of fresh ginger, for a ginger-ale flavor. You can chop or grate it for an even stronger flavor.

This Lemon Ginger Kombucha is a classic citrus flavor that has quickly become my easy go-to kombucha flavor. Peach Pie Kombucha. This Peach Pie Kombucha recipe has juicy peaches, maple syrup, and a hint of vanilla (in other words, you’re going to love it!)

From grapefruit and ginger to spiced watermelon and tumeric tonic, these flavorful twists will add a unique dimension to the taste profile of your kombucha. Our recipes are simple and can be easily adjusted to satisfy your palate. So get creative and invite your friends over for a tasting!

There are endless ways you can flavor your homemade . kombucha during 2nd fermentation (F2).. That’s probably one of my favorite parts of home brewing! I’m able to create and tweak flavor combos and recipes that . are much, much better than anything I can buy at the store.

Kombucha Recipes: Our Favorite 17 DIY Kombucha Flavors

Lemon Verbena Kombucha is fragrant with a sweet, light lemon flavor. It's simple to make, refreshing and my favorite kombucha flavor of all time. Ginger Kombucha Recipe. Kombucha Flavors. Kombucha Tea. Best Probiotic Foods. Probiotic Drinks. Fermented Foods. Goat Milk Recipes.

After you brew your kombucha you may choose to drink it immediately or bottle it, but we prefer to jazz it up with unique ingredients. Just choose a recipe below and follow these instructions. Add the fruit/herb/root ingredients to a 16-ounce glass vessel with plastic lid.

Lavender Lemongrass Kombucha is a DELICIOUS recipe utilizing some more unique flavors! This recipe smells wonderful, creates a slightly thicker consistency resemblant of honey, and has a uniquely sweet and tangy flavor. It is one of our very favorites here at Bucha Brewers! Continue reading.

Kombucha takes much longer to brew and can have a more distinctively tart flavor when compared to kefir. If you're interested in more recipes, check out our article 51 Unique Kombucha Flavors and Recipes. Risks Of Drinking: Kombucha Vs.

Too much fruit in your bottle versus your kombucha tea could offset your pressure and cause bottle explosions. Check out my thoughts and flavor inspirations, and be sure to follow me on social media, where I regularly share personal recipes! Recipes. There are many excellent recipe books on the market which provide recipes to follow.

Kombucha Flavoring and Recipes

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Kombucha may only cost a few bucks at the store, but over time, it adds up. If you're tired of spending money on your daily kombucha fix, try making it at home instead. With homemade kombucha recipes, the flavor options are endless. Fresh berries, citrus fruits, herbs, spices and even vegetables can be added to create unique kombucha flavor combinations.

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Another truly simple way to flavor kombucha is to use pre-made natural, organic flavor extracts. Common extracts include vanilla, almond, lemon and orange. To flavor kombucha with an extract, brew and ferment according to the basic recipe. Then, when bottling, for each cup of finished kombucha add 1/8 teaspoon of your chosen extract.

ate juice for a tropical flavor. Alternatively, try adding actual fruit, such as blueberries and strawberries, and filter before serving. Cut up a few ginger root slices and mint leaves and let sit with the kombucha overnight to give it a little spice. Kombucha Recipe Flavor Ideas Page 6 Fermented Foods

Kombucha recipes and flavor inspiration

for the distinctive flavor of kombucha (43). Each batch of kombucha is unique, and therefore the microbial composition of kombucha is never reported in the literature in a general sense. However, researchers have discovered that particular bacteria and yeast species are abundant in kombucha (24). Several studies throughout the years have

With more than 400 recipes, including 268 unique flavor combinations, you can get exactly the taste you want — for a fraction of the store-bought price. This complete guide, from the proprietors of Kombucha Kamp, shows you how to do it from start to finish, with illustrated step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting tips.

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Zygosaccharomyces Kombuchaensis is a yeast strain that is unique to kombucha. It produces alcohol and carbonation as well as contributing to the mushroom body. Kombucha also contains a variety of other nutrients, particularly various acids and esters that give the drink its characteristic tang and fizz.

Healthy SCOBY Growth. One of the most obvious signs of a health Kombucha brew is the formation of a new healthy SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast – often referred to as a “baby”). While SCOBY growth will vary with the seasons due to differences in temperature, air pressure and the like, the culture is hardy and is constantly reproducing as part of its survival strategy.

13 Creative Kombucha Recipes for a Flavorful Health Brew

Once done, mix in the lime juice. Half a passion fruit & one whole lime is my optimum ratio for one 275 ml / 10 oz bottle of kombucha. When the passion fruit and lime juice is all mixed up, pour it into your sea-salt-and-chili-rimmed glass. Pop in a few ice cubes, and then pour over your kombucha. For extra fizz - add a splash or two of soda water.

Wonder Drink Kombucha - Green Tea & Lemon Wonder Drink Kombucha is an organic, refreshing, sparkling fermented tea made with friendly yeast and bacteria that’s good for you. We use premium organic black, green and oolong teas picked from all over the world, fermented to goodness and blended with organic fruit juices and flavors.

Kevita makes a tasty Lemon Cayenne fermented probiotic drink that’s similar to kombucha without all the carbs. It has the sweet taste of lemonade (thanks to stevia, an acceptable low carb keto diet sweetener) with a kick of spiciness and half a serving only costs you 1 gram of carbs, 1 gram of sugar and 5 calories.

Bees, Peace, and Good Vibes. Good for your taste buds, good for your body, good for the environment. Meet Shanti. Our founder is dedicated to spreading well-being, peace, and good vibes. What is Jun? Jun is a sparkling green tea fermented with raw honey with billions of living probiotics. Our Hive.

Natasha Borkowski is a kombucha and kefir expert. She lives and teaches workshops on kombucha brewing in Bali, constantly developing new flavors with herbs and fruits from her own organic garden. Natasha is the founder of Bali Organic Center, an organization that supports local farmers and helps them grow new organic crops.

12 Favorite Fruit and Herb Flavors for Kombucha

The Best Orange Liqueur. 1. Cointreau Triple Sec Liqueur. Cointreau has made quite a name for themselves over the years, with their vast collection of spirits garnering more than 500 awards since their inception in 1849 – right in the middle of the French Revolution.

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With more than 400 recipes, including 268 unique flavor combinations, you can get exactly the taste you want -- for a fraction of the store-bought price. This complete guide, from the proprietors of Kombucha Kamp, shows you how to do it from start to finish, with illustrated step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting tips.

Kombucha gives me health benefits and also makes me feel less like I’m deprived of a “sparkling” or “carbonated” beverage, and it tastes mildly alcoholic for those people out there that used to enjoy the taste of wine coolers or beer (fermented pear or apple juice from IKEA also has this flavor).

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Kombucha flavor recipe ideas

1 Tbsp butter, cold. 8 oz. cauliflower gnocchi. 1/4 cup roasted zucchini. 10 spinach leaves. 1/2 cup roasted garlic cream. 2 Tbsp parmesan cheese. 1/4 tsp freeze-dried parsley

Muddle the jalapeno slices and lemon slices in a large glass. Pour in the lemonade and mix well. Take 2 glasses and moisten the rims with a lemon slice. Evenly dip each rim into the sugar. Fill each glass with ice. Pour in the lemonade mixture. Top with sparkling water before serving. Click to rate this recipe!

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This recipe kit has an amazing depth of flavor: coconut and vanilla, added during fermentation, and tropical notes of pineapple, peach, mango, and passionfruit, driven by Galaxy and Mosaic hops coupled with a unique yeast strain. To wrap it all together, lactose, added straight to the boil, produces creaminess and subtle dairy-like sweetness.

Flavors include: Sweet Heat, Miss Tang and Raise the Roots. Exciting new flavors to come! All Kombucha drinks are Certified USDA Organic, Certified Gluten Free and Kosher.

Our Newest Kombucha Recipes

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Homebrewed kombucha will vary depending on the length of fermentation (a shorter 7 day fermentation vs. a longer 14 day fermentation), the fruit or flavors added to bottles, etc. The longer the fermentation, the less residual sugar there will be in the kombucha.