Apples and Peanut Butter (Apple Slices) Recipe

Apples and Peanut Butter (Apple Slices) Recipe

Print Recipe. Apple Slices with Peanut Butter is a combination that has always worked! Not only is it sweet, creamy and fresh, it works as a healthy snack! It is also totally customizable! Top with your preferred nuts, seeds or dried fruit. I like mine plain with smooth peanut butter, no toppings required. Sounds a bit boring but it hits the spot.

Core apples. Cut each apple crosswise into six slices. Spread peanut butter over six slices; sprinkle with fillings of your choice. Top with remaining apple slices.

How to make apple slices with peanut butter?

Spread a little peanut butter onto one side of each apple ring. Arrange them on a platter or board. Set out the topping ingredients in small bowls on the table. Allow everyone to top their own slices, encouraging them to make patterns and faces while experimenting with ingredients they’ve never tried before.

What's the best way to eat peanut butter slices?

Nutritious peanut butter apple slices are a delicious snack. On the go, take along your peanut butter pouches and apples for a great snack anytime. Top with your favorite dried fruits. Wash and dry apples. Slice into ¼ inch slices. To prevent browning, squeeze lemon on apple slices. Spread peanut butter on apple slices.

How to make an apple Smile with peanut butter?

Put a row of seven marshmallow teeth on one of the slices, on top of the peanut butter. Put a second slice of apple (with peanut butter spread on already) on top of the marshmallow teeth. Press them together until they stick. Repeat three more times, and you’ll have four apple smiles in total.

How to make peanut butter and Apple muffins?

Spread each English muffin half with about 1 tablespoon peanut butter. Lay slices of apple on top, overlapping and stacking a few. Mix together the sugar and cinnamon, then sprinkle a teaspoon or two over each English muffin half.

Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

Spread a thin layer of peanut butter onto one side of each slice of bread. Place shredded apple onto the peanut butter, and place the other peanut buttered side of bread on top. Serve immediately.

1. Combine the apple slices and lemon juice in a zip-close bag and toss. 2. Remove apples from bag and arrange them in a circle on a small plate. 3. Scoop the peanut butter in a small bowl and place in the center of the dish. Source: H‑E‑B Health and Wellness.

Spread each slice with peanut butter and then sprinkle them with chocolate chips, chopped almond, shredded coconut or any other topping you like the most. You can also just dip in your apples to the peanut butter and dip it into the corresponding toppings. Have fun with it! Step 3: Serve. Serve immediately, best when fresh.

Spread 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on 3 of the apple slices and sprinkle with raisins and oats. Top with the remaining apple slices to form sandwiches.

Instructions. Slice an apple into 8–9 equal slices. (I use an apple slicer because it also removes the core) Top each slice with an equal amount of peanut butter, raisins, and chia seeds. Serve.

Peanut Butter Honey Apple Slices

Add butter to skillet to melt. Stir in apples, cinnamon and brown sugar. Let cook for about 3 minutes. Apples should not be too soft. Remove from heat. Unroll crescents onto a large baking sheet lined with a silpat liner. Spread each crescent evenly with a heaping teaspoon or two of peanut butter.

Melt the butter in the skillet, then cook the pork chops for 3 minutes on each side. Set pork chops aside while cooking the apples. Melt more butter in the skillet and cook the apple slices for about 5 minutes. Pour in about 7/12 oz apple butter, plus the chili powder & brown sugar.

Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt Apple Dip is an easy, 3-ingredient dip that takes just seconds to prepare and it's loaded with protein! Serve with sliced apples for a healthy and delicious snack.

Soak them for 30 seconds to 1 hour. This will help prevent browning. Drain the slices and pat dry with paper towels. Arrange on a serving plate, alternating between green and red-colored apples. In a small mixing bowl, mix together the caramel ice cream topping, peanut butter, vanilla extract, cinnamon and ginger.

It’s fairly self explanatory but simply spread the peanut butter onto the apple slices and top with granola / seeds / dried fruit and then finish with the dark chocolate chips. The apples will start to oxidize as soon as they are cut so it’s best to eat these snacks straight away.

Peanut Butter Apple Slices

Golden delicious, gala or honey crisp apples are great options. Granny smith apples would also add some tartness to balance the richness of the peanut butter and chocolate chips. This recipe works best with smooth peanut butter, but you can substitute with any nut butter. What makes the recipe fun and delicious is the toppings.

Peanut Butter Apple Dip is made with 5 simple ingredients and is perfect for a snack. Made with cream cheese, peanut butter, and brown sugar in less than 3 minutes! Be sure to check out our updated collection of BEST EVER APPLE RECIPES here! We love apples. My kids are a bit picky, but apples areView Recipe

Slice apples into ¼” rounds. Use a small cookie cutter to cut the core from the center of each slice. Spread peanut butter on jelly on half of the slices then cover with the remaining halves.

Directions. Step 1. PLACE apple slices on serving plates. Stir together peanut butter, yogurt, apple juice and cinnamon until blended. Step 2. SPOON peanut butter mixture evenly on apples. Sprinkle with sunflower kernels.

Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 7 minutes. We have a convection oven so oven times may vary. These cookies can be made as a “snack” but this recipe has “apples and peanut butter” added to it to make it more of a meal. While the cookies are baking, add together the peanut butter, butter, coconut oil and a bit of stevia and stir.

Apple Peanut Butter Delights Recipe

Instructions. Cut the core from the apple (or cut out the cores from each piece after slicing). Slice the apple into 1/4 inch slices using a large knife. Optional - If you're worried about the apples turning brown, place the slices in a zip lock bag and toss with a squirt of lemon juice.

Green apples and peanut butter is such a great combination. For as long as I can remember I have been dipping apple slices into a jar of peanut butter as a late night treat. This recipe elevates the snack significantly and is a slightly more presentable version. 🥘 Ingredients

This Peanut Butter Honey Apple Crisp is a delightful dessert that can be whipped up in minutes! Crisp apples are thinly sliced and tossed in a mixture of peanut butter and honey then covered with a cinnamon oatmeal topping! Every single day I eat an apple dipped in peanut butter. Specifically, peanut butter mixed with honey. I love it. It is

Sprinkle the peanut butter drizzled apple slices with the chopped peanuts and mini chocolate chips. Drizzle the melted white chocolate chips over the chocolate sauce covered apple slices and then sprinkle with the mini M&M’s candies. Sprinkle the caramel drizzled apples with the chopped pecans and toffee bits.

Instructions. Arrange apple slices on a plate. Drizzle melted peanut butter over apple slices with a spoon, and do the same with the melted chocolate. Sprinkle handful of chocolate chips over the plate as topping. Serve immediately.

Apple Peanut Butter Delights

Full preparation. Cut the Pink Lady ® apples into thin, half-moon slices. Toast the bread and generously spread with crunchy peanut butter. Top each slice of peanut butter toast with sliced Pink Lady ® apples and a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds and a drizzle of maple syrup.

For this recipe, you are going to want to buy about 7 medium apples as that will yield about 5 cups of sliced apples. Buy a couple more apples, just in case. You can always snack on the extra apples later. Apples are great healthy snack ideas for kids. My boys love apple slices with peanut butter or in apple nachos.

Peanut butter, Greek yogurt, apple slices, check! (Also, totally not a school lunch product, but I love the O Organics chicken stock!) You can use the O Organics products to make all sorts of different school lunch recipes. If you don’t do peanut butter, try their recipe for Yogurt Dipping Sauce.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. For the apples: Remove the cores from your apples and slice them in about 1/4 – 1/2 inch thick slices. Place them on a baking sheet. Melt a tablespoon of butter and pour it over the apples. Sprinkle on 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and toss until all the apples are coated in brown sugar and butter.

Spread the peanut butter topping evenly on the cooled cookie pizza. Top with apple chunks and mini peanut butter cups. Drizzle with melted chocolate. Let it set before cutting into slices. (full recipe below) Apple chunks, peanut butter cups, and the drizzle of dark chocolate made this peanut butter cookie pizza one of my new favorite desserts.

Smiley Apples Recipe

Peanut Butter Apple Cheesecake is a fall favorite! Creamy peanut butter cheesecake topped with delicious cinnamon peanut butter apples, all on a graham cracker crust. Be sure to leave yourself a couple of hours for the cheesecake to chill before slicing and serving.

Apples and peanut butter? Or apples and cinnamon? Why not both with this Peanut Butter Apple Cinnamon Bars recipe. Peanut butter, apples, and cinnamon make the perfect combo of traditional flavors topped over one of a Kodiak Cakes Crunchy Granola Bar. Crispy, baked, frontier-style oats means fewer crumbs, more flavor, and of course, whole grains with each bite.

Toss with the cinnamon, brown sugar, and ginger. Then place the cubed butter on top. Seal the foil. This helps the apples to cook all the way through. Grill on medium heat for about 15 minutes, rotating the packets a few times during cooking, until apples are cooked through to your liking.

Quick and easy apple nachos recipe, homemade with simple ingredients in 10 minutes. Loaded with fresh apples, peanut butter, almond butter, chocolate chips. A delicious healthy snack or dessert. This is the best healthy dessert for friends and kids alike! The crisp juicy apples, creamy nut butters, and sweet chocolate chips leave you with all the satisfaction and none of the food guilt.

Instructions. Slice apples and drizzle with lemon juice. Arrange slices on large platter. Warm Nutella in microwave glass bowl for 30 seconds. Stir and drizzle over apples. {My kids arranged the apples, and I put the melted Nutella in a ziploc for them to squeeze on the apples.} Sprinkle with peanut butter morsels and marshmallow bits!

Peanut Butter and Apple Sandwich Recipe

For the Apple ­filling: 3 pounds Granny Smith apples (about 6), cored and sliced thinly (peeling is optional) 1⁄3 cup sugar 3 tablespoons all-purpose ­flour 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger Peanut Butter Caramel: 2⁄3 cup well stirred chunky peanut butter 1⁄4 cup pure maple ­syrup

PB, Apples and Banana. A sixth-generation farmer in Graceville, Florida, Michael Davis is raising his family to share his love of peanuts. On his 8,000-acre farm, he and his wife, Lisa, have nearly 2,500 acres dedicated solely to growing peanuts. His daughter Mikaela also plans to rejoin him at the farm full-time once she graduates college.

Grease a 10-inch round baking pan with cooking spray. Press the dough into the pan. Then, top the dough with small apple slices. To prepare the streusel topping, combine the 1 cup of flour, ¾ cup of brown sugar, and ¼ teaspoon of salt in a small bowl. Melt 5 tablespoons of butter, and then pour the melted butter into the flour mixture.