DIY Preparedness: Ed's Red Bore Cleaner Recipe

DIY Preparedness: Ed's Red Bore Cleaner Recipe

153 Posts. Discussion Starter · #5 · Dec 30, 2011. Ed's Red storage. I use an ounce-graduated Mason jar to store a quart of freshly mixed bore cleaner, (4 oz of each ingredient and an oz of lanolin), with a piece of aluminum foil under the lid to prevent the acetone from evaporating and/or causing deterioration of the rubber seal in the lid.

13. Homemade Medical Kits. Make your own DIY medical kits so you can make them quicker and save money at the same time. Makes it much easier to replace them as you use them. Full instructions right here. 14. Camouflaging DIY Rain Barrels. Full instructions right here. 15. Ed’s Red Bore Cleaner Recipe. Full instructions right here. 16.

Is the Ed's Red bore cleaner a good idea?

Three years ago I mixed my first "Ed's Red" and I still think the "recipe" is a great idea. If you have never tried it, or maybe lost the recipe, I urge you save this and mix your own. My followers on the FIREARMS Echo think it's the best thing since smokeless powder!

What should I use to mix red bore cleaner?

[ JWR Adds This Warning: All of the usual precautions for handling caustic and flammable solvent fluids must be taken, such as wearing goggles and rubber gloves.] Mix outdoors, in good ventilation. Use a clean 1 gallon metal, chemical resistant, heavy gauge PET or PVC plastic container.

What was the original formula for Ed Hatcher's red gun bore cleaner?

Hatcher's original formula used gum spirits of turpentine, but turpentine is expensive and highly flammable. Cheaper and safer is aliphatic mineral spirits, which is a petroleum based "safety solvent" used for thinning oil based paints and as automotive parts cleaner.

What's the best way to clean a rifle bore?

Open the firearm action and ensure the bore is clear. Cleaning is most effective when done while the barrel is still warm to the touch from firing. Saturate a cotton patch with bore cleaner, wrap or impale on jag and push it through the bore from breech to muzzle. The patch should be a snug fit.

DIY Preparedness: Ed's Red Bore Cleaner Recipe

Eds Red Bore Cleaner By Ed's Red Bore Cleaner: 1. Open the firearm action and ensure the bore is clear. Cleaning is most effective when done while the barrel is still warm to the touch from firing. Saturate a cotton patch with bore cleaner, wrap or impale on jag and push it through the bore from breech to muzzle. The patch should be a snug fit.

I have most of a gallon can of GI surplus LSA, plus cans of various other gun oils and bore cleaners. Plenty of old rags to cut into cleaning swabs, when my bags of store bought are gone. A few cleaning kits bought over the years. I was always trying new things.

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Ed's Red Gun Bore Cleaner

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Ed's Red Bore Cleaner

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Ed's Red Firearms cleaning recipe

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This article has been generously contributed to our community by M.D. Creekmore and The Survivalist Blog. This morning as I was trying to catch up on my email (I get a massive amo

Eds Red Bore Cleaner By C E Ed Harris Castpics

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33 DIY Prep Projects

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