Our Most Refreshing Watermelon Salad Recipes

Our Most Refreshing Watermelon Salad Recipes

Toasted Farro Salad with Watermelon and Peaches Recipe. Toasting the farro before boiling it brings out an added layer of rich nuttiness to this hearty grain salad. Complemented by fresh herbs and sweet, juicy peaches and watermelon, this summertime side dish is the ultimate refreshing and nutritious bite you need.

Find dozens of refreshing watermelon salads at Allrecipes, including tomato watermelon salad, cucumber watermelon salad, watermelon feta salad, and more. Staff Picks a bowl of cubed watermelon, diced avocado, and torn baby spinach leaves

What's the best salad to make with watermelon?

Salty sweet and refreshing watermelon feta salad is what you should be serving for every backyard BBQ party or picnic. Cubes of watermelon tossed with fresh basil leaves and crumbled feta is perfect summer salad. Watermelon and feta salad is colorful, healthy and easy to make.

How to make a refreshing watermelon feta salad?

Peel and cube the watermelon discarding the seeds. Mix lemon juice, honey, chili flakes, sugar salt and freshly ground pepper in a small bowl. Pour this dressing over the chopped melons. Add crumbled feta cheese and mix well. Tried this recipe?

How long to refrigerate frozen watermelon for salad?

Fill the frozen watermelon shell with the ice cream mixture, cover and freeze for 3 hours. Refrigerate 2 hours before serving in slices. This refreshing summertime salad can be made with just a few ingredients.

How much watermelon to make a Greek salad?

Watermelon is with no doubt the fruit of the summer and this refreshing combination of juicy, chilled slices of watermelon and salty, creamy feta cheese make for a Greek salad summer favourite! 1 kg watermelon, seedless and cut into chunks ( 35oz .)

Our Most-Refreshing Watermelon Salad Recipes

Strawberry-Melon Summer Salad. View Recipe. this link opens in a new tab. Watermelon, cantaloupe, and berries are glazed with a refreshing yogurt, honey and lemon juice dressing. Serve in a hollowed out watermelon half for a stunning summer party presentation. 2 of 13. View All.

Watermelon-Tomato Salad Recipe White balsamic vinegar and olive oil lightly dress the bed of arugula, summer-ripe cherry tomatoes, and sweet watermelon. Fresh mint leaves and pecorino Romano top it off beautifully. Tomato, Watermelon, and Feta Skewers with Mint and Lime

In a medium bowl, whisk olive oi. Refreshing Watermelon, Feta and Mint Salad In a large serving bowl, combine watermelon and lime juice. Then lightly mix in feta cheese and mint. KM style watermelon is a really cool refreshing way to do watermelon! It is especially satisfying on a hot day. GREAT addition to any barbecue!

Watermelon Salad without Feta. This is a fun twist on a fruit salad with sophisticated flavors that everyone will love. It only has four ingredients, and you can easily make it for a crowd. It’s incredibly easy to throw together, and it’s really quite refreshing.

This refreshing twist on the classic caprese salad replaces tomatoes with sweet, juicy watermelon. Basil and balsamic vinegar push this easy summer salad to the savory side, but if you want some sweeter notes, opt for balsamic glaze. An optional drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil at the end helps marry the flavors.

The most refreshing watermelon salad recipes

Adding in all the other ingredients only enhances the nutrients of this watermelon salad recipe. Watermelon is made up of over 90% water. We all know we need to hydrate, especially down here in South Florida, so sometimes we can also eat our water intake. As far as fruits go, watermelon is one of the lowest in calories. Roughly 46 calories per cup.

Ingredients for a Refreshing Watermelon Salad Recipe: 1 Bowl of Watermelon (cubed) 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil Juice from 1–2 Wedges of Lime (1 tablespoon of lime juice)

A refreshingly uncomplicated watermelon salad recipe, that can be made under 5 minutes. We promise you won’t find an easier one! Watermelons are made up of 92% water. Watermelon (तरबूज़) is a refreshing summer fruit that tastes great in both beverages and desserts.

This watermelon mint salad is hands down the most refreshing thing I’ve ever eaten. The mint wakes you up with its perky personality, and the watermelon and feta make for a crescendo of explosive salty-sweet flavor well worth the five minutes it takes to prepare this dish.

This fresh watermelon salsa recipe is quick and easy to make, and tastes so refreshing! Fun Facts About Watermelon: China is first in watermelon production. United States is 7th (with the most watermelons grown in Georgia). Japan has figured out how to grow square watermelons. They sell for about $100 each!

Our Best Watermelon Salad Recipes

Place watermelon, walnuts, cheese and basil in a large bowl. Whisk together oil, lemon juice and vinegar in a small bowl and season with salt and pepper. Drizzle over watermelon mixture and stir to coat with dressing. Let marinate for up to 1 hour.

This salad is a quadruple-threat of refreshment with each of its four main elements — watermelon, cucumber, ginger and mint — offering a burst of lively, quenching flavor.

In a big bowl or a plate, combine 5 cups of chopped watermelon, 2 cups of sliced strawberries, 1 cup of sliced cherries, 1 cup of raspberries, and 1 cup of blueberries. Using a little bowl mix together the juice of 1 lime and 1 tablespoon [ br]Simple Truth Organic Blue Agave Light Golden Syrup. Pour the dressing over the fruit salad.

Create a cool and comforting oasis on a warm summer day with our refreshing Cucumber Watermelon Salad. When your hair is sticky on the back of your neck and all you want is a big blast of air conditioning, you can count on this sweet and slightly zesty recipe to come to the rescue.

We’re sharing over 20 of the best watermelon recipes to prove just how versatile this fruit is. 1 / 22. Esquites-Inspired Watermelon Salad. This dish is inspired by a Mexican street corn salad. It’s sweet, spicy, refreshing, and all too easy to eat.

Watermelon Salad Recipes

Nothing says summer quite like watermelon does. And this juicy melon is way more versatile than you'd think! Try it in savory fruit salads, spicy jalapeño margaritas or alongside raspberries in our refreshing ice pops. Recipes like Watermelon, Cucumber & Feta Salad and Watermelon Pie are so bright and summery, you might need some sunblock.

Instructions. Toss watermelon chunks, sliced cucumbers, feta cheese, and mint into a large bowl, then add fresh lime juice and extra virgin olive oil and toss. Divide into two individual serving bowls, then top with sea salt and pepper. Serve cold and enjoy!

This Watermelon Salad is a cool and refreshing summer salad recipe passed down to us from one of our family members, Tania, who live in Italy.. This Mediterranean salad is easy to make and delicious to eat and combines sweet fruit and veggies and the salty flavor from the feta cheese.

This refreshing & delicious watermelon smoothie recipe is an easy-to-make breakfast or healthy snack that’s just perfect on a hot summer day. This healthy smoothie is simple, light and sweet. All you need is watermelon, lime juice and ice. This frozen watermelon recipe is ready in just 2 minutes! >>> Get the Recipe here. Watermelon Salad

Refreshing and light and beautifully bright, a watermelon salad is meant for hot days. Loaded with sweet watermelon, crisp cucumbers, creamy feta, and fresh mint, this Mediterranean summer salad is so easy to make and takes just minutes to prepare.

Cool, Refreshing Watermelon Salad Recipe

Watermelon Salad Recipe. Summer is in full bloom and it means ripe, juicy and sweet watermelon all summer long. Watermelon salad with feta cheese is one of the best and most refreshing salad recipes ever and this is an easy recipe, submitted by my reader.

Fresh mint leaves. Instructions. Make the mint vinaigrette by combining the white balsamic vinegar, honey and salt in a bowl, stirring to dissolve the salt. Add the olive oil and whisk until emulsified. Then stir in the mint. Chill the vinaigrette until you are ready to serve. Combine the watermelon, feta cheese and blueberries in a large bowl.

You can also chop the watermelon into bite sized pieces. Cut the cucumber in half lengthwise. With the same melon baller, scoop out the inside seeds of a cucumber, then slice and add to the large plate with the watermelon balls. In a small bowl, whisk together olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, salt, and black pepper to create a dressing.

Ingredients. 6 cups cubed watermelon, chilled. 1/2 cup crumbled feta. 10 – 12 leaves fresh basil, julienned. very thin sliced red onion, just a few slices (optional) 3 tablespoons pistachios, roughly chopped (optional) 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar. coarse salt and fresh ground pepper.

Instructions. Cut rind from the watermelon, then chop the fruit into desired sized chunks. Place the cubed watermelon in a large glass salad bowl. Scoop or cube the melon and add to the salad bowl. De-skin the grapefruit and add over the melons. Chop the herbs and add to the salad bowl.

5 Refreshing Watermelon Salads for Everyday

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Instructions. Slice the watermelon and cut into 1 inch cubes. Add to a bowl. Add cucumbers, basil, mint, and feta cheese. Drizzle with olive oil, juice of 1 lime, and stir gently until combined. Season with salt and pepper, if desired. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

For best results, we suggest chilling this watermelon cucumber salad for an hour before serving. This lets the dressing really soak in for maximum flavor, plus it chills the fruit so it's extra refreshing! That being said, don't let this salad sit for too long before serving. After a few hours, the watermelon starts to release a lot of moisture, so it gets pretty watery and soggy.

Toast the pepitas, stirring occasionally, until lightly browned, and set aside to cool. In a small bowl, whisk together the vinegar, lime juice, olive oil, honey, salt and pepper and set aside. In a large bowl, gently toss the watermelon with the greens, pepitas, cheese, cilantro, onion, and dressing until combined. Serve immediately.

Watermelon is one of the most popular summer treats because of its sweet, refreshing flavor and surprising versatility. Today, we’re breaking down some of the benefits of watermelon and a few of our favorite recipes to enjoy this versatile fruit to the fullest. Health Benefits of Watermelon. First, let’s start with some fun watermelon facts!

Our Favorite Watermelon Salad

Easy Watermelon Salad with Feta and Mint perfect for a refreshing summer party pot luck meal. This delicious recipe goes perfectly with chicken & turkey

Instructions. In a large salad bowl, combine watermelon, tomatoes, feta, sliced onion, and fresh mint. In a separate container with a lid, combine olive oil, balsamic vinegar, minced red onion, salt, and pepper. Shake well and pour over salad. Toss gently to coat. Watermelon Feta Salad is one of our absolute FAVORITE summer salads.

Directions. Add watermelon cubes to a large bowl. In a small bowl, whisk together olive oil, salt and pepper, and chopped mint leaves. Once combined, pour over the watermelon cubes. Add the Violife vegan feta cheese to the large bowl. Toss gently using a large wooden spoon. Garnish with red onions if desired.