Vetkoek (South African) Recipe

Vetkoek (South African) Recipe

Vetkoek is a kind of pastry or fried bread, and can be served with both sweet and savoury fillings – such as golden syrup or curried mince.To make it the traditional South African way, follow this easy recipe and rest assured that your vetkoeks will always be perfect!

Take 250 ml of the required water as mentioned in the ingredients list – heat up enough to make it warmer than lukewarm but not boiling. If the water is too cold the yeast will not activate. Pour water into the bowl. Stir in one tablespoon of yeast (15ml) and one tablespoon of sugar (15ml) as required by the recipe.

How do you make vetkoek in South Africa?

South African Vetkoek is deep fried dough eaten as a sandwich with sausages, made into desserts and handheld snacks stuffed with meat, relish and cheese. In a large pot heat oil. In a large bowl mix flour and salt together by hand or with a fork. In another bowl whisk egg, milk and sugar.

What's the best way to make vetkoek Curry?

For your convenience, you may want to prepare the minced curry a day earlier. Mix sugar, salt, yeast, and water in a large bowl and allow it to rest for about 5 minutes. Add the flour and mix thoroughly until the flour comes together. Cover the dough loosely and rest it in a draft-free place to rise until its size doubles, or for about 2 hours.

What kind of bread is vetkoek in South Africa?

Vetkoek (pronounced Fet-cook and literally meaning fat cake, fat cookie or fatty cake) is another traditional South African dish. It is very easy to make. It is bread dough deep-fried in oil.

How to make the best vetkoek dough recipe?

To check if the oil is ready, place a small amount of dough into the oil, if it rises within 10 seconds your oil should be ready. Fry in batches and serve. Frying up the dough in batches until the vetkoek is golden brown. Careful not to burn them!

South African Vetkoek Recipe

2 teaspoons (10 ml) baking soda / powder (or replace the flour and baking powder with self-raising flour) 1 tablespoon sugar. ½ t (2 ml) salt. 1 cup (250 ml) milk. 2 eggs. Enough oil for a deep frying pan (should be 12 cm or about 4 to 5 inches deep)

Vetkoek and mince is a popular dish in Zulu culture. How to make Vetkoek Dough Preparation Time: 15 Minutes Cook Time: Approximately 5 Minutes Serves: Makes 20 Vrykork depending on size Chow down on our famous traditional South African Vetkoek and Mince. Easy peasy lemon squeezyunknown.

Whatever makes your heart beat a little faster, vetkoek is certainly worth the excitement. But, as with most foods, it needs to be made well. An average vetkoek, without its particular crispiness and richness of flavour, is always a bit of a disappointment. So if you’re wanting an easy vetkoek recipe that turns out great every time, read on.

Directions. Mix lukewarm water, sugar, and yeast in a small bowl. Let stand until yeast softens and begins to bubble slightly, about 5 minutes. Sift flour and salt together in a large bowl. Pour water mixture over flour mixture and knead until dough is smooth and elastic, 5 to 7 minutes.

In a traditional South African braai, or barbecue, vetkoek may be served alongside boerewors,. Koeksisters are made from a similar, but sweeter, dough but are braided in long strips then coated in a sticky sweet syrup. Similar to a vetkoek, the magwinya is a popular meal for many people living in townships.

South African vetkoek (Bread Machine Recipe) Recipe

South African Thermomix® Vetkoek I love Vetkoek, it reminds me of growing up, of my dad coming home on a Friday with a bag of ready made dough from the shop, chopping it up and making vetkoek, which he’d put into a big cream-coloured bowl and we’d all crowd round eating warm fresh vetkoek filled with cheese, mince, syrup or apricot jam.

A Homemade Vetkoek Recipe that is a favorite south African recipe and is filled with a few tasty fillings. The recipes included. Homemade Vetkoek Recipe. This recipe is popular, it is a south African favorite homemade vetkoek recipe, and many people make vetkoek. Some people make it as a meal often. Homemade Vetkoek recipe Filling.

A Saturday lunch treat is having a vetkoek with boerewors filled with tomato and onion sauce. Vetkoek Boerewors and Tomato Onion Sauce. Obtain your favorite boerewors and grill or pan fry it ready for the vetkoek hot dog. Make your vetkoeks ahead of time for this recipe as well. Get the vetkoek recipe on the link below the recipe.

Get full South African Vetkoek Recipe ingredients, how-to directions, calories and nutrition review. Rate this South African Vetkoek recipe with 250 ml cake flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 egg, 125 ml milk, 125 ml oil (for frying)

RecipiesOld version1kg plain flour4t yeast2t salt2t sugar3cups warm waterQuick version1kg flour2t salt1kg plain yogurtAnd OIL for frying ? Enjoy!

Traditional South African Vetkoek

According to Google, South Africans are searching for recipes online now more than ever. With the whole country on lockdown, it doesn’t come as much surprise, but it did get us very inspired! It seems that vetkoek (also known as amagwinya in isiZulu) is making a comeback.

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South AFRICAN cuisine recipes Directly translated from Afrikaans to English Vetkoek means “fat cake”. Vetkoek is a common accompaniment to a curry or a braai, or even served on its own as a snack filled with curried mince.

A plate of vetkoek, showing the light and airy texture. Recipe notes. Prep time – 5 minutes; Cooking time – 20 minutes; Calories – 130 per vetkoek (depending on how big you make them); Main equipment. Wok – I like to use a wok for frying the vetkoek because it is deep enough to hold quite a lot of oil.I like this one because it has a non-scratch surface.

South African Yellow Rice. Rating: 4.03 stars. 59. This is a traditional South African recipe, which comes from the great culinary tradition of the Cape Malays -- originally brought in as slaves in the 17th century. It's easy and plain, but great with meats like venison, corned beef tongue or any meat with gravy.

Easy Vetkoek Recipe Traditional South African Food

Vetkoek – Traditional South African Food. Vetkoek is an old South African favourite, especially on cold and windy days. “Vetkoek” is an Afrikaans word and pronounced Fet-Cook. Literally it means fat cake. It is very easy to make and delicious! Vetkoek originated from my our Dutch ancestors and is in essence bread dough that is fried in oil.

Vetkoek | Traditional South African Recipe. Jun 25, 2018 May 21, 2021 ~ Tandy. Vetkoek translate literally to fat cake and are a yeasted dough bread. The dough is deep-fried and served in two ways. Either with curried mince or with apricot jam. This is South African street food at its simplest.

Recipes for Vetkoek and Fillings. A collection of easy vetkoek and filling recipes to make for your light meals or a breakfast. A collection of amazing South African recipes, vetkoek and the fillings to place in the vetkoek and to have as a meal. First of all the main ingredient the homemade vetkoek recipe.

Vetkoek. I doubt there is a South African out there who does not know what a vetkoek is. For generations, South Africans have been making vetkoek at home. It really is either homemade or storebought bread dough that is deep-fried and then stuffed with a variety of fillings. Our family enjoys it with curry mince.

Vetkoek is the Afrikaans name for which literally means ‘fat cake’ and is as South African as it gets!. In reality though, Vetkoek is nothing more than dough that you deep fry and it should be light and soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.It can be served with delicious cooked mince or turned into a sweet bite of apricot jam and cheddar cheese.

Vetkoek and curried mince

Vetkoek recipe: Vetkoek is an Afrikaans word meaning "Fat Cake". My husband thinks of Afrikaans cooking as famous for mixing sweet and savoury together in the same dish. In any case, this is a very popular and traditional dish in South Africa.

Method: Wisk the yeast, water and sugar. Set aside - for the yeast to activate - 15 min . Sift the flour, salt, baking powder and sugar. Add the yeast mixture to the dry ingredients.

With online searches for vetkoek recipes at an all-time high, we put together all our best vetkoek recipes on Food24 so you can try a batch of amagwinya for yourself. 1. Mini vetkoek with butternut and biltong pâté. 2. Traditional amagwinya

Seasoning 1 tablespoon. Combine water, sugar and yeast and add flour and salt. Mix ingredients well to create a smooth paste. Knead the dough in a closed container for 1 hour to make it puffy. Roast the onion in the oil and wait for 10 minutes over medium heat with garlic, salt, pepper, tomato paste and mushrooms.

A popular south african recipe for a vetkoek filler. The curry mince vetkoek filling is not difficult to make. The onions saute in some olive oil and crushed garlic cloves. Curry spice mix, added to this mixture. Adding the beef minced meet, and frying until brown. Then the beef stock that was put aside, added to the mince mixture.

How to make Vetkoek

This south african easy vetkoek recipe shows you how to make vetkoek. · add the water and 1 tablespoon vegetable oil and mix into a soft dough. · 4) cover dish with a . The word vetkoek literally means fat cake. Vetkoek means 'fat cake, which refers to the method of frying, not baking the bread. · 4) cover dish with a .

Cover and let the dough rest for 1hr in a warm place to raise double in size. Divide into 16 balls on a floured surface. Heat the oil, flatten the balls slightly and fry one side till golden brown and turn over to the other side. Repeat until all are done. Chefs Tip: Cut in half and fill with curried mince, or cheese and cold meat, or chicken mayo.

Traditional vetkoek is made from yeast bread dough, but this quick and easy vetkoek recipe, you use Self Raising Flour and Baking Powder as the raising agent. Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies Chocolate Mug Cakes Dark Chocolate Chips South African Recipes Savoury Baking Cake Ingredients Unsweetened Cocoa Recipe Today Other Recipes.

Vetkoek with curried mince Recipe by Matrone (Annelize van der Ryst-Hattingh)Just the other day I read that vetkoek, the way we know it, dates back to the Voortekkers. It was an easy and quick alternative to bread while they were on the move - and, of course, delicious.

Mielie Vetkoek Recipe - South African Magazine - SA PROMO. Traditional vetkoek is made from yeast bread dough, but this quick and easy vetkoek recipe, you use Self Raising Flour and Baking Powder as the raising agent. South African Magazine. Food & Drink posts. Light Recipes. Cooking And Baking. Yummy Food. African Food. Food.

The best vetkoek recipe ever

Vetkoek (literally Fat Cake, referring to the method of frying in oil) is a delightful, typically South African snack. This traditional pastry both in Afrikaans and Zulu culture (where it is called Amagwinya), is basically made from flour, water, sugar and salt formed into small balls and deep-fried until golden brown.

Mild curry mince (perfect for vetkoek) You don't rely need a recipe to make curry mince for your vetkoek ; all you need is onion, your favourite spices and minced meat. You can add anything from garlic and raisins to Worcester sauce and frozen veggies.

It’s a rare thing to meet a South African who says they don’t enjoy this traditional dish. Milktart (Afrikaans “melktert”) is a pie-like dessert consisting of a sweet pastry crust and a creamy filling made of milk, flour, sugar, and eggs. It can be bought whole at most supermarkets, and almost every family has their own secret recipe.